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Casino Night Scene Kit Adult

Casino Night Scene Kit includes:

  • Slot Machine & Neon Lights Backdrop,
  • Black-Tie Carpeted Ballroom Floor Backdrop,
  • Craps & Blackjack Tables Casino Props Add-Ons (2 count),
  • Roulette & Poker Tables Casino Props Add-Ons (2 count),
  • Wheel of Fortune Casino Prop Add-On (1 count),
  • Keno & Lounge Neon Casino Signs Peel N Place (2 count),
  • Cashier & High Limit Neon Casino Signs Peel N Place (2 count).

Add-On Wall Decorations contain an assortment of items that are printed on plastic sheets and may need to be cut out separately.

How to install the Casino Night Scene Kit:

  • Choose your space.
  • Install Backdrops (included).
  • Finish off your scene with Add Ons (included).

Please Note: The kit pictured above does not show every included add-on due to space limitations.

Amazon Price: $42.29